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The Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics is an honorary service organization whose mission is to foster interdisciplinary relationships and cooperative education in the area of facial esthetics. Click here to learn more about the IADFE.

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IADFE Fellows are encouraged to develop networking relationships for mutual educational opportunities, effective patient referral, and improved interdisciplinary relationships.
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Welcome the IADFE New Fellows 2018

2018 Fellows G1 

  • Dr. Khalil Aleisa
  • Dr. Salman Aziz
  • Dr. Subir Banerji
  • Ms. Lois Banta
  • Dr. Richard Bernstein
  • Dr. Monica Bijlani
  • Dr. Jack Button
  • Dr. Elaine Bylis
  • Dr. Praveen Chandra
  • Dr. Bradley Chou
  • Dr. Steven Feigelson
  • Dr. Cary Fraser
  • Dr. Jeremy Frith
  • Dr. Stewart Gordon
  • Dr. Ray Harrell
  • Dr. Hassan Basim Hasan
  • Dr. Christopher Ho
  • Dr. Donald Kahn
  • Dr. Yudith Kartiko
  • Dr. Adam Kimowitz
  • Dr. Sam Koh
  • Dr. Diana Koo
  • Dr. Michael Landry
  • Dr. Martina Lavery
  • Dr. Alexander Loh
  • Dr. Shivaughn Marchan
  • Dr. David Mazza
  • Dr. Mai Miyachi
  • Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian
  • Ms. Akiko Noda
  • Mr. Søren Pein
  • Dr. Reisha Rafeek
  • Dr. Libia Rios
  • Dr. Wesam Shafee
  • Dr. Bart Silverman
  • Dr. Tiger Safarov
  • Dr. Andrew Spector
  • Dr. Jan Stannard
  • Mr. Michael Stevens
  • Dr. Aden Tran
  • Dr. Josep Ustrell

2018 Fellows 

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